george (thesecondmay) wrote in 75vs76,

Pit Er Pat/The Mighty Narwhale @ the DAAC TONIGHT!!

Pit Er Pat
The Mighty Narwhale
A Paschal Circus
the DAAC, 8:30 pm, $5
115 S. Division Ave, Heartside, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Tonight the totally awesome Pit Er Pat from chicago brings their crazy/ jazzy/twisty pop to Division Ave in support of their new Thrill Jockey album "pyramids." Local Favorites The Mighty Narwhale and A Paschal Circus are playing too. It's going to be a dancey good time! In fact, i have head that not dancing at a pit er pat/mighty narwhale may suggest that you might be lacking in both rhythm and heart. it's just this thing thing that i've heard.

it's ok though - i can't really dance either.

check out some of these dudes on myspace:
Pit Er Pat
The Mighty Narwhal(e)

other miscilenious links:
A Paschal Circus
Thrill Jockey

oh, and pitchfork made a joke about grand rapids: "pyramids scheme." get it? eh, eh?

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