Jason (rebooten_tag) wrote in 75vs76,

Grand Rapids, MIchigan D&D group seeks members

I'm in a D&D 3.5 group and we just lost a member.   We are based in Wyoming [Grand Rapids, Michigan].

We will be playing in the wyoming area by Prarie and Byron Center.  We are looking for serious players who are also knowledgable enough that would want to run a campaign sometime soon.   We are playing 3.5 right now but are open to playing Star Wars sometime in the future.   We play on Saturdays, either from 10 AM to 3 PM or Saturday nights from 11:30 to ?.  Times are non-negotitable.

We are looking for at least 2 people, maybe even 3 to join our group.   Being able to make a commitment is a must.  You must be there every week to play unless something really important came up.  We want serious players that want to play D&D and have fun every week!
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